Breaker Bar - Recycled Wood

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Breaker Bar - Reclaimed Wood

"Timeless timber of superior quality"

Welcome to Superior Woods, Minneapolis, we are your personal purveyors of exceptional recycled wood, reclaimed wood, wide plank flooring, plank flooring, reclaimed lumber, old barn wood, barn wood and submerged timber.  After 100 plus years of wind, rain and sun, Superior Woods offers a wide range of recycled wood and reclaimed materials from plethora sources; such as antique American barns built at the turn of the century as well as early American industrial buildings and bridges.

Our Submerged Wood is the result of underwater logging recycled wood operations from the bottom of lakes and rivers of North America.  The logs sunk while being floated to the sawmills during the period of the 1700s to the 1920s.

Superior Woods offers a wide range of recycled wood,
wide plank flooring, reclaimed wood and submerged timber quality products to contractors, builders, homeowners who appreciate exceptional beauty and Americana history.

This website will address many of your needs for complete interior and exterior wood finishes, from flooring to furniture and all the other elements for your fine home or business.
We would like to invite you to our showroom in the International Market Square, The Midwest's premier Design Center.

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Breaker Bar - Wide Plank Flooring