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Bridge Beams

Authentic Douglas Fir Rough Sawn

These magnificent bridges built between 1903-1905 for use of hauling many tons of iron ore from the whiteside mine pit. These bridges have withstood a century of varied weather conditions and supported some of the largest land moving vehicles ever produced. These unique & beautiful beams and posts have a natural patina that is very similar to a natural terra-cotta earth tone; that has taken a century to achieve.

Due to the rarity and limited quantity of this product, please contact us about availabilities and quantities.

Envision Douglas fir Flooring in your Home from
a Minnesota Iron Range Railroad bridge


Our beams are available in sizes ranging from:
9" x 18" x 16'-32'
14" x 14" x 8'-20'
12" x 12" x 8'-20'

Barn Hand Hewn


Checks, bolt and nail holes, color and texture variations, worm and insect tracks, mortises and slight twisting and bending are all potential features.

Antique hand hewn beams species vary. Barns from this time period were constructed with species that were indigenous to the region and closest to the site. Deconstructed barns may yield numerous species. Colors may vary from brown to red to gray hues.

Sizes are typically square, (6X6, 8X8, 10X10, 12X12), with lengths ranging up to 30+ feet. Larger sizes are sometimes difficult to locate and may require more lead-time. If sizes are non negotiable, resawn timbers are an option.

Materials are shipped "as is". We recommend a good cleaning upon arrival. Sand blasting, power washing and other treatments are the responsibility of the client.


It is highly recommended that antique wood be allowed to acclimate (adjust to humidity and temperature conditions) to the room in which it will be installed.

We recommend 2-3 weeks. This is crucial for satisfactory installation.

Barn Siding / Planking

Early American Barn Woods

Time, nature and man have left their unique signatures on our barn woods. Burnished by decades of weathering, marked with worm holes, checks, bolt and nail holes- every structure was witness to a way of life, a part of America’s history.


Wide Plank - Reclaimed

Superior Woods flooring is derived from timbers retrieved from buildings and bridges built at the turn of the century and is a reflection of American history. Time and weather have taken nature's roll on these timbers creating the distressed look of aged wood. Old lumber is noted for its dry stable and dense nature. Salvaged lumber generally has varying degrees of characters marks such as nail holes, bolt holes and notches from previous applications. This old aged wood is available in various widths and lengths and custom milled to achieved the look you desire. Each timber is hand scraped giving a unique natural antique appearance. We work with architects, designers, contractors and owners closely tailoring each order to detailed specifications.


Micro beveled edge
Light scraped texture
Small surface blemishes, holes dings and dents

1/8" beveled edge hand hewn and irregular
Medium scraped texture
Surface dents, holes and checks

Same as above with a heavy surface scrapping


Email and ask for photos as we have many more in every category